We’ve updated our donation guidelines to better serve our clients.

Rugs: We are now accepting rugs up to 6 feet wide. The rug can be longer lengthwise though. Oversized rugs are often too heavy for volunteers to carry and don’t fit in many small apartments. If a rug is stained or damaged, it is very expensive for both the client and New Life to dispose of.¬† When donating a rug, have it rolled up with the plush side inside to keep it clean. Volunteers will compare the rolled up rug to their own height to determine if it’s an appropriate size.

Sectionals: Most sectionals do not fit in a standard one bedroom apartment in Boston. In the past, we have split sections of a single sectional to go to multiple clients. But this often left us with sections that are difficult to use by itself. To avoid waste and be mindful of our clients’ needs, we are only accepting sectionals with two pieces moving forward.

For a full list, go to newlifefb.org/give-furniture/what-we-accept. Thank you for your understanding and respecting the needs of individuals and families we serve.