New Life is a volunteer-driven organization. Over 450 volunteers work together every year to ensure that individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness receive furniture.

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Welcome to New Life Furniture Bank of MA. We take pride in being a volunteer-driven organization. Since Doug Marshall and Ron Yates started New Life in 2013, our dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to serve thousands of individuals and families in need of a new beginning. Many organizations provide housing for those transitioning out of homelessness, but what about furniture? Imagining your own life without a mattress to sleep on at night and a table to eat or do your homework at is all it takes to understand why people deserve furniture to live in dignity.

However, providing furniture at no cost requires the generous help of volunteers. Whether it is cleaning gently used furniture donations, writing grants, or working one-on-one with our clients, volunteers are involved in all aspects of our operation. Put simply, we could not do what we do without volunteers like you.

We recognize people live busy lives. You may work full time, regularly take care of your grandchildren, or play for an athletic team. Therefore, we are grateful you have chosen to dedicate time to volunteering with us. Volunteering at New Life is an opportunity to take a break from those responsibilities and come together with members of the community to make a difference. Thank you for committing to helping individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness and welcome to our family of volunteers.

See you soon,

New Life Furniture Bank of MA Team