Receiving Furniture

New Life works with agencies to serve individuals and families in need of furniture.

Returning Agencies

Only agencies can submit referrals. Referrers that do not have login credentials can email to complete the registration process.

New Referrer or Agency?

New Life works through agencies, places of worship, and medical facilities to assist individuals and families in need of furniture. Please contact Wendy at for information on working with New Life.


Answers to your frequently asked questions and more.

New Life serves referrals from over 100 agencies, places of worship, and medical facilities.

We provide furniture and household goods to individuals and families who are transitioning from a homeless environment, victims of fire, domestic abuse survivors, military veterans, refugees, and others that may not be able to bear the cost of furnishing a home on their own. People in need are served by referral only. If you are in need of furniture, please contact your caseworker or social worker and ask for a referral. Additionally, we accept referrals from any place of worship.

The furniture and household goods we can provide depends on availability and household size.

What furniture can we provide?
  • Couch and/or Upholstered Chair(s)
  • End & Coffee Tables
  • Lamps
  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Table & Chairs or Stools
  • Rugs
  • Artwork & Mirrors
What household goods can we provide?
  • Towels
  • Bed Sheets & Blankets
  • Kitchen Basics
  • Dishes, Drinking Glasses, and Silverware
  • Small Appliances

“New Normal” During COVID-19

Agency submits a referral
and the client receives an appointment

Due to unpredictable inventory, additional restrictions, and safety, New Life is currently scheduling one week out at a time. We thank you for your patience during this time.

Client is served through our online model

Clients call into a conference line and meet with our volunteer Client Hosts. Together they review our online store and select all the furniture and essential items they need.

Furniture is gathered by volunteers

New Life volunteers gather the selected inventory so it’s ready to go home.

Furniture goes home

Clients can enjoy their newly furnished home!

Important Information

Clients are allowed ONE visit to New Life. Furniture cannot be returned, nor can we provide furniture a second time.

All items that you take are free of charge.

If you do not speak English, have someone who can interpret for you during your appointment. Your social service worker/advocate is welcome to join the virtual appointment.

Volunteer Client Hosts will help you get the items you need for your home. These volunteers are donating their time without pay. It is our pleasure to provide you with these items for your home.

Our inventory is based on what has been given to us. Due to limited inventory, certain items – such as dressers – are usually limited to one or two per household depending on family size.

Picking up your furniture?

If you are a self-moving client whose already had their appointment, go to New Life at your given time with the instructed moving truck size.

102 Elm Street

Walpole, MA 02062

Call the provided number upon arrival or if you run into any delays.

Furniture pickup often coincides with drop-off times. You may have to wait in line until a loading bay becomes available. Please be patient, as safely loading your truck takes time.

We no longer accept donations of mattresses, boxsprings and/or frames.
We will be closed on May 25th & May 27th (Memorial Day)