Furniture Build

A donation of flatpack furniture assembled by your group allows individuals and families transitioning from homelessness to have the essential furniture pieces we may not have enough of.

Why new furniture?

Our furniture supply is based on what is donated by members of the community. Certain items, such as dressers and dining tables, are donated less frequently for the very same reason they’re in high demand – they’re essential. Flatpack furniture kits, like the ones found at IKEA or handbuilt by our build group, are an inexpensive way to ensure we’re providing the essentials for our clients to live in dignity.

The kits are easy to assemble for volunteers of all experience levels using basic, everyday hand tools.

Kits are usually under $100 and can be assembled at New Life or at an alternate location of your choosing. If held offsite, we can pickup the finished furniture with the New Life truck. If held at New Life, the opportunity is restricted to volunteers ages 12 years of age or older for safety reasons.

1. Donate

Groups cover the cost of the kit. Prices vary depending on the item.

2. Assemble

Assemble using simple tools. No power tools are necessary, making this activity appropriate for ages 12 and up.

3. Furniture goes home

The assembled items are inventoried for clients to choose during their appointment!

St. Edward’s the Confessor Youth Group

Medfield, MA

The creative group of teens made baking kits in jars for a fundraiser they called “Bake at Home to Furnish a Home”. The proceeds were used to make a donation and purchase three table sets that they assembled, sanded, and finished themselves!

We no longer accept donations of mattresses, boxsprings and/or frames.
We will be closed on May 25th & May 27th (Memorial Day)