Surplus Donations

Are you a hotel, college campus, office, or other large facility that's cleaning out or redecorating? Are you a moving company or junk hauler that has unwanted furniture? Or are you a retailer with excess inventory or returns you cannot sell?

Please note this is for large-scale donations that would not fit in a 17' box truck. All other furniture donors should visit Pickup or Drop-off.

As we scale to serve more households every year, we increasingly depend on surplus donations. As a large-scale facility, you can help individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness while reducing waste. Whether it is furniture, mattresses, linens, or other household goods, we would love to explore working with your company.

1. Review What We Accept to ensure we can take the items you are looking to donate.

2. Submit this form. As a volunteer-led organization, we request your patience. We will do our best to respond within a few business days.

Check out some of our partners below!


Will you be arranging for a delivery to New Life or having us come to you?

Will you need us to take everything or just the items suitable for clients?


Surplus Partners

Changes in Accepting Mattresses & Box Springs
Effective April 1st, we are implementing a fee and limiting when we accept mattresses and box springs. Pickup requests submitted prior to April 1 are not subject to this change.