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Feel free to use any of these images and captions in sharing your fundraiser. "My fundraiser" can be swapped out for "at".

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This #Thanksgiving, 700 households have a table to eat at after receiving furniture from New Life Furniture Bank of MA this year. Support them by donating to my fundraiser.

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New Life Furniture Bank of MA has saved 200+ tons of furniture from the landfill this year by providing them to people transitioning out of homelessness. Support their #sustainability effort by donating to my fundraiser.

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Since 2013, New Life Furniture Bank of MA has provided gently used furniture to 4,450 households transitioning out of #homelessness. Donate to my campaign so they can serve thousands more.

Facebook Fundraising Works

Facebook allows you to share why you believe in New Life’s mission with your peers with the click of a button. The more you share about New Life, the more you grow our network of people that believe no one should have to eat, sleep, or live on the floor.

Why start a Facebook fundraiser?

Make a difference virtually. You are supporting individuals and families transitioning from homelessness while staying safe at home.

Facebook does not charge you to start a fundraiser or take any percentage, meaning it is free to fundraise.

Your friends and family can donate directly through Facebook, making fundraising simple and easy.

Go at your own pace. How much time and effort you put into fundraising is entirely up to you.

How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser


The green numbers correspond to the steps.

  1. Go to this link

    You will be brought directly to the Facebook create a fundraiser page already prefilled with New Life's information. You may be prompted to login to your Facebook account first.
  2. What is your goal?

    The default is $200, but fundraisers for New Life have raised as much as $3,000!

  3. When do you want your fundraiser to end?

    The campaign ends on (insert date). You’re welcome to fundraise the entire campaign or maybe dedicate a week to fundraising as much as you can. Set a time frame that works for you.

  4. Why are you raising money for New Life?

    This message is prefilled but we encourage you to add a personal touch. Here's a few examples:

    • "Have volunteered at New Life for the past three years, I wanted to start a fundraiser of my own."
    • "As a Client Host for New Life, I can personally attest to the difference furniture can make in the lives of people transitioning from homelessness."
    • "I've given furniture to New Life knowing my things are being reused instead of going to a landfilll. I'm fundraising so New Life can continue to grow and serve even more people."
  5. Click/tap Create

    There are some other editable features, including fundraiser title and cover photo, but the default is just fine! As we said, you can put in as much time as you wish creating and running your fundraiser.

Best Practices

Wasn't that easy? Here's a few tips to maximize your fundraising success.

Be personal. Share why you were driven to fundraise on behalf of New Life. Include photos of yourself volunteering at New Life or participating in our 5K if you have them.

Know your audience. Think about your Facebook friends. If they’re students on limited budgets, try encouraging small donations from a lot of people. If you have a limited number of friends, take a more targeted approach by reaching out to them individually.

TAG US. Tag us on Facebook @newlifefurniturebankofma and Instagram @newlifefurniturebankma so people can learn more about us from your posts.

Share! Share! Share! Post about your fundraiser regularly and encourage your friends to share your fundraiser.

SHOW GRATITUDE. A simple "thank you" can go a long way. Make sure to send a message, write a letter, or make a call thanking people that contribute to your fundraiser.

Prefer Instagram?

Fundraising on this platform is seamless by utilizing the Instagram story donate button. Review this helpful guide from Facebook for instructions.
We no longer accept donations of mattresses, boxsprings and/or frames.
We will be closed on May 25th & May 27th (Memorial Day)